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International Network of Storm Surge Barriers

The I-STORM network brings together professionals that build, manage, operate and maintain Storm Surge Barriers. 

I-STORM aims to continuously improve standards of operation, management and performance in order to reduce the risk of severe flooding of people, property and places around the world, by facilitating knowledge exchange amongst members.

We aim to:

  • improve SSB operation, management and performance
  • inform concept, design and construction of new SSBs
  • optimise SSBs performance within Flood Risk System
  • understand impacts of environmental factors (such as the impacts of climate change including sea level rise) on SSBs
  • Collaborate on research and development

I-STORM shares knowledge and experience though a variety of activities:        

  • International peer reviews,
  • Working groups 
  • Technical knowledge exchange visits
  • Members Community of Practice area on our website
  • Newsletters

Annual Meeting 2016: I-STORM marks decade of knowledge sharing! 

Annual 2016 1

Storm Surge Barrier (SSB) professionals from the UK, Italy, USA, Belgium, Holland and Russia were amongst the 150 delegates at I-STORM’s 2016 Annual Meeting at the Eastern Scheldt Barrier in the Netherlands in October. The event provided an opportunity for colleagues to share their knowledge, be inspired and improve the performance of SSBs.



This year’s event marked the 30th anniversary of Eastern Scheldt and a decade of the I-STORM network. Delegates heard about the latest operations and developments at SSBs from around the world, and participated workshops ranging from: Sea Level Rise; Risk Based Asset Management; Peer Review; Knowledge Management and more, each designed to facilitate the sharing of expertise and assist future improvements.


Willy Dekker, Director of Network Management at the Rijkswaterstaat and I-STORM Strategic Board Chair said:  ‘I’m proud that the I-STORM network has grown in professionalism whilst remaining so open and hospitable. I’m confident that we’ve built a solid governance in which Core, Barrier and Associate Members can play their role in sharing their specialist knowledge on operating, managing and maintaining Storm Surge Barriers.


I saw many new initiatives between members, who shared interest and inspiration for further cooperation. I very much encourage this and hope you do whatever is needed to stimulate that kind of cooperation. ‘

Annual 2016 2 Annual 2016 3Annual 2016 4 Annual 2016 5


Annual Meeting presentations

Member’s can view and download presentations and the programme book for I-STORM Annual Meetings by first logging into member’s area.

  • 2016 Annual Meeting held in Holland, hosted by the Rijkswaterstaat at the Eastern Scheldt Barrier.
  • 2015 Annual Meeting held in Venice, hosted by the Venice Water Authority and Consorzio Venezia Nuova at MOSE.
  • 2014 Annual Meeting held in England, hosted by The Environment Agency at the Thames Barrier.