Between the 9th and 18th of June 2012 a Peer Review by the I-STORM was completed at the request of the Ramspol barrier. It was undertaken by a dedicated team of professionals from different European & US barrier management organisations.

The Peer Review helps storm surge barrier managers compare their operational performance against best practices through an in depth, objective review of their operations by independent peers from barriers outside their organisation. The Review findings are based on observed facts and presented to the Host Barrier.

During the ten days in Zwolle and Kampen, the peer review team managed to come up with interesting findings and conclusions concerning the management and maintenance of the Ramspol barrier. Besides, they were able to exchange information on several subjects, thereby also contributing to the objectives of the I-STORM network itself.

The enthusiastic and critical team left us enriched with an increased awareness of best practices, insight into fundamental overall problems and ideas for areas of improvement.