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What we do

We run a variety of activities to enable our members to exchange knowledge and collaborate internationally.

Annual meeting

I-STORM’s Annual Meeting provides an excellent opportunity for members to meet face to face and build relationships with counterparts from around the world. We encourage members to share their knowledge of recent projects, research, best practice, lessons learnt and identify common challenges for future collaboration. We achieve this through presentations, workshops, a site visit to a storm surge barrier, wherever possible technical tours led by operational staff and networking dinners.

The event is hosted each year by an I-STORM core or barrier member. The format of the Annual Meeting alternates each year with a full conference style event one year, and a site visit only format the following year.

Online platforms

To enable our members to share news, events and forthcoming activities as well as resources such as case studies, presentations, lessons learnt and research, I-STORM has a range of online spaces where members can meet. Members can join us on Twitter and LinkedIn, or in the members only sections of this website. These provide a valuable forum to connect members, develop Communities of Practice in different subject areas and highlight common issues that members may wish to collaborate on.


Working groups

Subject Matter Experts from the network work together to pool their knowledge and efforts to develop mutually beneficial resources and products. I-STORM has work ongoing in areas such as knowledge management and climate change adaptation.

Annual Summary

Each year we summarise the key achievements and activities which contribute to the value of I-STORM’s work. This helps everyone to visualise and highlight the purpose of the network as a whole.


International peer reviews

During an international peer review, members visit another barrier as a peer to observe operations, review documents and interview their counterparts, to understand all aspects of barrier management. The purpose of a peer review is to identify areas of best practices and areas for improvement. Depending on the requirements of the host barrier, there are several types of peer reviews. From a 10 day in-depth review with a full team, to a (technical) document review lasting a few days or even a half a day.

The knowledge and experience peers gain is invaluable, as it can stimulate new ways of thinking that can be applied at their ‘home’ barrier or organisation. Furthermore, these reviews provide peers with a unique personal development opportunity. Peer reviews enable participants to build long lasting relationships with their international counterparts, which also assists future collaboration.

Additional activities

In addition to these initiatives and activities, we also facilitate technical site visits, workshops and knowledge exchange meetings on specific subjects between members on request, whenever this is practical. Furthermore, we are continuously building relationships with organisations around the world who own or have an interest in storm surge barriers to strengthen the network.