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Tom Scott at the Thames Barrier

21 December, 2021

Popular Youtuber Tom Scott’s latest video is all about his trip to the Thames Barrier earlier this year. 

A video about the operation of the Thames Barrier published on YouTube has received over two million views in just a few days.

Made by popular YouTuber Tom Scott during the summer, the seven-minute video takes viewers through the operation of the Barrier, with help from Engineering Manager Steve East.

Steve explains how the barrier helps control a tidal surge and describes the procedure for routine test closures, and also how the movement of the gates needs to be co-ordinated with the tides.

Steve said: “It was a great opportunity to promote what we do at the Barrier and explain its role in reducing the flood risk to London.”

Viewers also learn about the multiple back-up systems and generators in place, and how despite its 70-year original design life, the over-engineering of the Thames Barrier means it is actually good until at least 2070.

The video has so far received 2,079,194 views, as well as 124,000 likes and 3,360 comments, and at one point was trending on YouTube at Number 21. Yet, given that Tom’s films generate as many as four million views in a few weeks, there are likely to be many more to come.