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Promotion for I-STORM

Support for our network from the Chair of the Environment Agency

05 May, 2021

I-STORM and the work we do has recently been promoted by Emma Howard Boyd, Chair of the Environment Agency and UK Commissioner to the Global Commission on Adaptation. And not only once but twice!

In October 2020, I-STORM was referenced by the Environment Agency Chair as one of her "favourite examples" of how international collaboration is extremely valuable, in an address to the World Pensions Summit. 

Then in March 2021, in a speech at United States and United Kingdom: united in creating green jobs - an event hosted by the British Embassy in Washington DC - Emma hailed I-STORM as a network that "shows international collaboration is extremely valuable, even when it comes to unique, place-bsaed climate challenges". 

It's fantastic to see I-STORM recieving this kind of recognition and these comments are a fantastic accolade for our network and the work that our members do every single day.