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Adam Robinson chats to the Project Chatter Podcast

Listen to the episode all about the Boston Barrier

13 March, 2022

Boston Barrier

This week, Adam Robinson is the featured guest on The Project Chatter podcast.

Adam has been working on the Boston Barrier scheme since December 2014, a year after the east coast surge which flooded 800 properties and businesses in Boston.

The main topics we discussed on the podcast were:

  • The Boston Barrier Tidal Flood Defence Scheme is a £100m project for the Environment Agency, delivered by BMMJV (a joint venture between BAM Nuttall and Mott MacDonald), to reduce the risk of tidal flooding to 14,300 properties and businesses in Boston, Lincolnshire.
  • Boston is located on the east coast of the United Kingdom off The Wash and has a history of tidal surges.
  • The project will reduce the risk of tidal flooding against an event of 1 in 300, or an annual exceedance probability of 0.33% of flooding for the 100 year project lifespan.
  • The Boston Barrier is the first major construction project undertaken by the Environment Agency to map project outcomes against the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals (UNSDGs)

You can listen to the podcast here: