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I-STORM documents available for download can be found here.

Please note that member only documents (blue highlighted) are confidential and can only be shared with other members of the I-STORM network. Authorisation must be obtained from the author before sharing information with any third party. For further information please email enquiries@i-storm.org.


I-STORM Terms of Reference

27 Oct 2020

If you would like to know more about how the I-STORM network operates, please view our Terms of Reference (version 27 October 2020).


Storm surge barrier facts

18 Mar 2021

Discover further information about some of the largest storm surge barriers in the I-STORM network.


In the eye of the storm (article)

06 Apr 2021

I-STORM was featured in the March edition of the IWPDC magazine. For more information, see our News section.