In the network knowledge and experience is shared on many themes, and four main areas can be distinguished:

Both in the Netherlands and the United Kingdom existing barriers (built in the 50s, 80s and 90s) are already managed. Therefore, the main focus is on asset and operational management and maintenance. The barriers in Venice and St. Petersburg are still in the construction phase, and in this phase many policy related decisions have to be taken which influence the design. So their focus will be on the policy issues. By participation in the network the managers and experts that manage the barriers can learn from each other and exchange ideas on common issues. The experience of the English and Dutch of course may be helpful for the Russians and Italians. On the other hand new innovative techniques of today, applied in the new generation barriers, could be of interest for the Dutch and English Barriers. Especially when a decision on replacement of elements on one of these Barriers should be taken.