Last I-STORM Conference Venice 2013

The 3 day conference has taken place in Venice at the Arsenal, Campo de L'Arsenale, Castello.

The conference 2013 in Venice was a success.

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Can the UK learn from Dutch approach to living with water?

Marc Walraven, Storm Surge Barrier Senior Advisor at the Rijkswaterstaatand an I-STORM Delivery Board member has been interviewed by the ITV about the Dutch approach to managing flood risk. Link to ITV interview

Dutch Water Board share their key to success in engaging the community

Environment Agency colleagues have visited the Waterschap to learn more about the approach to temporary defences and engaging volunteers in Kampen, the Netherlands. Member link to presentation.

The two-day lifting test on Nov 28-29 2014 of 21 Mose sluice at Lido Nord. The 21 Gates staying on caissons in the bottom of the sea at the mouth of North Shore functioned exactly as it was intended.          

See the press release here


More Photos Venice test 21 sluices Nov 28-29 2014 Login required!


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I-STORM conference 2013 in Venice

Last I-STORM Conference Venice 2013

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From 17-19th of April a delegation with I-STORM members from the Environment Agency, Rijkswaterstaat, Waterboard Groot Salland and Consorzio Venezia Nuova and Magistrato alle acque di Venezia have visited USACE and the SLFPA offices and barriers.